This along with dying her hair blonde among other European beauty trends she has followed. Some have pointed out that this conflicts with her message of equal beauty among different races. We think the constant change in looks has more to do with switching things. Plus, beyonces skin lightening looks more like brightening than it does actually bleaching, as is the case with Lil Kim. Beyonces skin hasnt really drastically changed colors. If anything, wed guess that shes simply taking very good care of her skin, which starts with a strong spf for everyday sun protection. But the real trick behind beyonces glowing skin is brightening, which can be gotten without doing anything to bleach your skin. By using a clever combination of exfoliants be it microdermabrasion, chemical peels, or just your everyday aha-containing products you can slough off layers of dead skin and reveal brighter, lighter and more even skin underneath.

asian skin lightening phaeomelanin ). Beyonce skin Lightening, yes, even queen b, despite being one of the most popular and respected stars in Hollywood, constantly topping charts and making waves, has shown evidence of skin lightening. She has a huge number of awards under her belt and is also one of the wealthiest women in the world. She is idolized by millions and is a key player in equal opportunity for black and non black artists. But a lot of people have also noticed that her skin has become increasingly whiter over the years.

Rihanna Skin Lightening, rihanna tops the list of celebrities who are often accused of lightening their skin and a quick scroll through her past pictures show that her skin color has ranged a spectrum of shades. But then again, these differences in color could be because of Rihannas penchant of changing up her looks more than anything. She continuously marches head on with different trends but some see this as an excuse to whiten her skin. Many have definitely noticed a change in her overall skin color over the years. She has not publicly commented on whether she has in fact whitened her skin but people have been to quick to compare old photos of her with more current ones. And yes, there is a visible brightening and a leaning toward a more golden, rather than brown, shade. So, whats she using? Were guessing that Rihannas lightening skin care regimen consists of a melanin blocking cream to fade away darker pigments. A cream containing hydroquinone combined with a retinol cream can cause visibly lighter and whiter results. But thats not all.

asian skin lightening

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Celebrity skin lightening is as widespread as it is controversial. Despite the fact that society is becoming more and more accepting of different standards of beauty and skin tones, light skin is still something that a lot of people want to achieve and this does not exclude celebrities. Which is why youll notice some of your celebrities getting lighter and whiter as the years pass by all the while, they vehemently deny doing anything to their skin. But denial only gets koop you so far, especially when a picture is worth nutrilite a thousand words. So who are these celebs who originally had darker skin that has gotten lighter and lighter over time? Lets take a look at who they are and the skin lightening methods theyre most likely using! The first.

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asian skin lightening

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asian skin lightening

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